Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Quest- day 2

    I had better update the rest of yesterday first. I had veges with a small amt; of cashew "cheese"  and 3/4 of a pomegranate. I went out biking  for 2 hrs. total. I went out 4 times to do that. I was pretty tired the last 20 minutes. For lunch and dinner both I had bean and vegetable enchiladas and raw vegetables, and I finished the pomegranate for lunch. I got 20.68 miles in my 2 hrs. of biking. 
    Today was harder getting up and starting. I felt a little sore and very tired but I got up and walked for an hour. I didn't quite get 3 miles. I was much hungrier that yesterday also so I ate enchiladas and a cucumber for breakfast.  Then I went out and biked 10 miles in 1 hr.  that is slower than yesterday and it was hard. I took a short break at the park. I have 1 hr and at least 10 miles to bike and it is going to be hard but I think I'll make it. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

My Quest:

Today is November 30, 2015 and I just got back from Wash.state and Idaho visiting our 2 sons and 4 grandchildren for thanksgiving. I have been eating mostly nutritarian since march 11 of this year. I weighed 275 then, down from my top of 283 since I broke my ankle Dec. of  2013. I felt awful. I hurt in all my joints. my eyes were starting to bother me all the time, itching, redness, blurry at times. I was on high blood pressure medication and could barely walk around the block. My back was the worst pain I had. I could barely stand up for 5 minutes without it having excruciating sharp pain in one spot. I was still recovering from the broken ankle even though it had been over a year since I broke it. I decided that morning laying in bed that I was the only one who could change my life. I had read the Eat to Live book a couple times and dabbled with the diet but hadn't made the commitment. The first 2 days were hard until I got rid of toxic hunger, I was not a vegetable lover but I ate vegetables, fruits, legumes and some nits. I started feeling better within the first week. I got off my blood pressure med. in about a month. and  my back and joints felt so much better. Today I weigh 224. I'm up 2 pounds from thanksgiving because although I ate vegetables every day, I ate the traditional food also.  I had watched the movie Wild when it came out then watched it again on HBO and wanted the book so I ordered it and read it. I was inspired to do something like that but since I am 60 and am sure it would damage my back to carry a heavy pack it is out of the question. Plus, I don't have any desire to camp for days. I don't have to work outside of the home so I have the time to do whatever I want exercise wise. I had worked up to walking an hr at a time. I would go to a casino here in Las Vegas where we live and walk and climb the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs for an hr. I also had just started biking for the last month a few times since it isn't too hot now.
    I got it in my head that I should start exercising as much as I could and really push myself. I would be able to sleep in my comfy bed at night, not in a tent. I would be able to cook nutritatian meals and sit in a recliner once in a while to rest. So today I got up and did the Jane Fonda complete workout dvd. It uses weights and has an aerobic section also. I plan to do this Mon.,Wed., and Fri. Tuesday and Thur. mornings I will walk for an hr. so I keep my ankle working, also I was born with a club foot on the other side so it helps to keep the tendons in that leg stretched and working better. The rest of all the days. I will be biking as much as I can. I plan to start out to do 2 hrs. a day, so that would be a total of 3 hrs. then in Jan. I will pick it up to 4 and in Feb., 5 hrs. an day. I know this isn't as hard as Cheryl Strayed worked but It is a challenge for me and I will be happy if I can do this. I want to lose faster than I have been and get more stamina to have a fuller life. I am excited and a little apprehensive to make this kind of commitment. I will be eating vegetables and  a pomegranate for breakfast soon. drinking water throughout the day. I want to keep track of what I eat and how much I exercise on this journey. I don't expect anyone to read this since it will be boring to anyone else but I want a record and to see just how far I can push myself since I feel so much better from the Eat to Live diet. I better get off  here, eat my breakfast and start biking. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marty and Miranda in Las Vegas

Kathy has been asking for a post about what we did when Marty and Miranda were here , I guess I better do it before I forget because it is all starting to run together. They got here Thursday about 11:00 am and we just hung out until Dan got home. Then we ate at Peppermill and went to see Penn and Teller that night. Friday, We went out to Chili's to celebrate Marty's birthday. We even had them sing to him. It was fun, and tasty. We were able to get free tickets to Carrot Top so we went to the Luxor to see him. Funny. Saturday Marty and Miranda and Nick went to see their friend from WOW that lives here. They had lunch with her. So Dan and I just had Pot Stickers (our new find from Costco) . We went to a dirty hypnosis show, and laughed a lot. Then the three of them took off to do their own thing for a while and Dan and I went and gambled a little and had a Mexican salad, and gambled a little more. We came out ahead. Miranda and I decided to go shopping without the guys since they weren't interested. We went to the outlet mall and had a ton of fun. So much fun that when we looked at the time it was too late to go home before we went to the Tournament of the Kings. So the guys met us there. We had dinner there since it is included. You have to eat everything with your hands. After that we went to X-Burlesque, for the guys. Monday morning we had to finish up shopping. The guys went with us but they left after a while. They rented a movie and got us all a Jamba juice and we all arrived back home about the same time. We watched The Princess Bride, an older movie that we hadn't seen and M and M wanted to share it with us. It was funny. After that we went to Jerry's Nugget to eat and gambled a little and went home. Tuesday we just hung out until they had to go. We were all exhausted, but had a great time! Some where in there we went to the Bellagio and saw the fountains at night. The end.

New tag!

Sonia sent me this in and E-mail , and since I love the Scattagories game I thought you all should have the opportunity to do it also. I am tagging Marty, Miranda, Kathy, Cameo, Trina, and Denise and her girls. Sorry if I forgot anyone.
You are supposed to use answers starting with the first letter of your name. Try to use different answers that someone else if you names start with the same letter, (Marty and Miranda). Anyway enjoy!
1. What is your name: Anita
2. A four letter word: acne
3. A vehicle: Acura
4. A city: Anaheim
5.A boy's name: Andrew
6. A girl's name: Annabelle
7. Occupation: architect
8. Something you wear: anklets
9. Something in your refridgerator; air
10. Something found in a bathroom: air freshener
11. Something you shout: A##hole ( You try to come up with something with an A)
12. An animal: ardvark
13. A body part: Achillles heel
14. A word to describe yourself: accomodating (How do you spell that?)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Enslow family reunion camping trip

Rilee with chocolate hands.
Erik fishing. After Marty, Miranda and Nick left we went to the stream and played. and sat.
Rilee playing in the water. I think this was just before she got a little deep and fell in. I'm glad Sonia was close and got to her quickly.
Rilee looking adorable.
Sonia playing with Brooklyn and Rilee.

Brooklyn and Rilee with their scarves that Miranda made for them while at the camp out.They were very soft and the girls loved them.
Brooklyn by the stream.
Another one of Sonia with the girls.
Rilee sitting with granddad.
Brooklyn looking adorable.
Sonia with the girls.
Miranda enjoying camping. This was her first campout. I'm not sure if it will be a regular new hobby but I think she had some fun.
Granddad with his adorable granddaughters. It was getting a little cold so they got warmed up.
Marty and Miranda both enjoying camping. Miranda was ambitious and crocheted some scarves.
Nick setting up his tent with Brooklyn supervising. Lucky she was there to help. I forgot the stakes.
Erik and Marty barbecuing the hamburgers on Erik's cool portable propane barbecue. They did a great job.
Rilee in the tent. Kids love tents. Until it's time to go to sleep at night. Then I think they miss their beds. So do I.
Nick relaxing after working long hours and finally getting the lay off he requested.
Another of Rilee in the tent. She is so beautiful.
Brooklyn with Nick. The girls really enjoyed Uncle Nicky.

Granddad and Brooklyn. He helped her to roast marshmallows that Nicky gladly ate.
Miranda and their dog Sammy with Brooklyn. The dog wasn't used to kids and wasn't sure if they were safe.
Here is one of my friend on my shoulder. It was a pretty cool bug and it stayed there for quite a while. Later in the day he returned and someone killed him before I could stop them.
Brooklyn rode with me to the airport to pick up Nick and Dan. We shopped, picked up some stuff from Erik and Sonia's apt. , and then went to the airport. She was so cute when we went into Walmart I asked if she wanted a cookie ,which they give to kids there. While we were walking over there she said, "they have popcorn chicken here too." So we got some popcorn chicken since we hadn't had time for breakfast before we left. She ate them while we shopped. Then she was thirsty and picked out something to drink. We had fun.
Another. We had time to kill while we sat in the cell phone waiting area for the plane.
Rilee in her cute hat, being a cutie. She is such a sweetheart. This was the first time I had seen her when she could call me Nana. It just is so sweet when you hear them call you. I sure love the girls. Somehow I can't click under the last two pictures so I guess I'll just finish up my typing here. It was so nice to have our whole family together. That hadn't happened since before Brooklyn was born, I don't think. We had plenty of good food. Thank-you everyone for the great time. I still have fun thinking about it and looking at the pictures.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tagged by Trina:
I have just been recovering from being gone from home for almost 3 weeks and busy the whole time. I'm used to a pretty laid back lifestyle and it was very fun to see everybody. I had an amazing time but I'm exhausted! Also I colored my hair dark the last night I was gone and have decided I hate it. I gave it time to get used to it and I am working on going back to blond. I tried yesterday but the normal color I usually do (which I had one of here) did not make much of a dent in the dark color I had done. I should be at the store right now getting lightest blond something. How do you remove the red out? would Ash blond be the best? Anyway onto the tag. I will blog about my trip later.

Attached or single: attached
Best friend: Kathy
cake or pie: Lemon pie (Close second is Costco cake with cream cheese filling)
Day of choice: Saturday, Erik usually calls then and also Dan is usually off and we can do what we want.
Essential item: my cell phone!!! I am lost without it
Favorite color: blue
Gummy bears or worms: bears? I like licorice jelly beans.
Hometown: currently Las Vegas but home is really Goldendale.
Indulgence: licorice ice cream, mint truffles.
January or July: July
Kids:3 boys, now young men- the best!
Life isn't complete without my family
Marriage date, June 4, 1978
brother and sisters;2 brothers, 4 sisters
oranges or apples: both when they are really good
phobias: people
Reasons to smile: Brooklyn and Rilee
Season of choice: summer
tag seven people: everybody I know has already been tagged
unknown fact about me: I really hate to go to doctors
vegetable: potato
worst habit: eating sweets
X-ray or ultrasound: ultrasound
Favorite food: Chinese and Mexican
Zodiac sign: pisces

Friday, July 11, 2008

ABC tag

I worked on my ABC tag last night before we went to see Louis Anderson. I wasn't sure how good it was going to be but I really enjoyed it. Very funny! Dan started work this am. He is going to be doing a couple weeks of 7-12's, which means he's working from 5am to 5:30 pm every day until they get a job done. Sunday is double time! He's making up for being off for 2 1/2 weeks. We really tried to enjoy his time off and not worry about him being off. He kept looking every other day or so and then we would go out and swim. We've learned to enjoy his time off because when he does work he works long hours usually. Now I know I will have money to spend when I come up north so I'm happy :). I'm thinking of leaving here on Wednesday, staying the night and morning in Goldendale, and maybe heading up to Vancouver on Thursday afternoon. I better sew today. Well here is my ABC tag. I decided to do it with the theme of Las Vegas. I'm not really familiar with each one of these these for myself but I put lots of stuff in so you get a little picture of what Vegas is about.

A- Airport, the first thing you usually face. Alcohol, probably the second LOL. Aces, Aladdin.
B- Buffets, Blackjack, Bellagio, Billboard trucks. on the weekend they always advertise Girls to your room.
C- Comedy, Clubs, Cirque du Soleil, Compulsive gamblers, Crazy people.
D- Drinks, Dry heat, Dice, Deception, Dealers.
E- Empty pockets, Energy, Excalibur.
F- Fremont street experience, Food, Fighting, Facade, Flamingo.
G- Gamblers paradise, Gentlemen's clubs, Golfing.
H- Homelessness, Happy hour, HOT.
I- Inebriated, Insomnia, Imperial palace.
J- Jokes, Jerry's Nugget- not a well known place but it is where I get my mexican salad. Jacks.
K- Keys, Kings, Keep-up.
L- Lucky, Lap dances, Laser lights.
M- Money, Massage parlors, MGM grand, Monte Carlo, Mirage, Mandalay Bay.
N- Night life, Neon lights, New York New York.
O- Outlet malls, Odds.
P- Poker, Pools, Police brutality, Poverty, Pole dance, Planet Hollywood,Plazzo.
Q- Queens, Queezy.
R- Rides, Regrets, Roulette, Red Rock, Rio.
S- Swimming, Shows, Slots, Shopping, the Strip, Stratosphere, Spades.
T- Thirsty, Thongs, Topless, Treasure Island, Tropicana.
U- Unlucky, Unbalanced. U- turns.
V- Visitors, Venitian, Vomit.
W- Wasted, Water sports, Weddings.
X- X-rated.
Y- Yelling.
Z- Z-z-z-z-zzzz What you will need to do when you leave.
I had fun doing this, so I am tagging Marty, Miranda, Nick, Erik , Sonia. have fun! bye.